Q. What is the difference between Daily,Weekly and Weekend Rates?
 A. Weekly rentals are 7 consecutive days. Weekend rates start at 9am Saturday – 9am Monday.  Daily rates apply if the weekly or weekend parameters are not met.                      Q. Can I rent a Car with an International Drivers License?                                      A. Yes we accept the International Drivers Licence and Licences from other Countries.    Q. If I have an Accident or Breakdown what do I do?                                                A. In case of accident contact Police to complete an Accident Report Form and then contact Franklin Car Rentals.(Breakdowns and Accidents)                                                       Q. Are Pets allowed in the vehicle?                                                                                   A. Sorry No.                                                                                                                                         Q. Can I take out Excess Reduction at the time of rental?                                       A. Yes                                                                                                                                                    Q. What If I return the Vehicle Early?                                                                                       A. Sorry we do not give refunds on Early Vehicle Returns



Q. How Old do you have to be in order to rent a Car?
A. 21 years of Age

Q. Is there an Additional Charge for more than one driver?
A. No, but we do need to see the Licenses


Q. What is a Security Bond?
A. A security bond is is a pre-authorisation to your credit card that is used as a form of protection by Franklin while you are renting the vehicle.

Q. How does the Security Bond work?
A. When you collect the vehicle a pre-authorisation will be made on your Credit Card for the bond amount as a secuirty measure by Franklin. If you do not have a Credit Card we will require a Cash Bond. When the vehicle is returned undamaged and no additional charges apply (e.g. fuel) the pre-authorisation is cancelled/likewise the cash bond is returned.


Q. Why do rental car companies ask for a Credit Card?
A. Rental companies need to know their renters are credit-worthy, to minimise vehicle damage and losses. The only available information we have about our renters come from credit cards and valid drivers licences.

Q. What Credit Card can I use?
A. We accept Mastercard/Visa/American Express/Diners.


Q. Are GPS Units available for Hire?
A. Yes, Please Inquire about charges either at the time of booking your rental or when you arrive at Franklin Car Rentals to pick up your vehicle.


We trust that the answers to your questions are on this page. However please feel free to contact us via email or phone for any additional questions not answered on this page.